Step Away From the Eggnog: fresh perspective on family holidays

They’re coming for you! If they’re not already here, they will be. And soon….

Mothers-in-law, cousins, uncles, neighbors, old friends, new girlfriends, great aunts, sisters, step-fathers, grandmas… family.

For some of you, Thanksgiving is a lovely gathering full of grace and gratitude toward your fellow turkey devourers. But for some, it’s a TUMS-binging, gut twister full of judgment and resentment.

It really makes me sad when I see all of these sarcastic memes going around about how this holiday is about faking niceties and biting tongues. But for some of you, that’s a reality. We gather for these holidays often with the people we are obligated to spend them with and not always the ones we would choose.

Though my family and I love each other like crazy and really do want to see one another at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are by no means perfect. We have the same ups and downs, past hurts, untold grievances, annoying habits, loose tongues, and bitter eye-rolls that so many other families wish they didn’t have. But that’s life. That’s family. We are all broken.

But family is forever.

I came across this verse recently, and it has given me such a fresh perspective on this time I will spend with the people I call family.

“Anyone who is not against you is for you.” Luke 9:50 b NLT

“Anyone who is not against you is for you.” Luke 9:50 b NLT

I bet this is true for most of you; your family doesn’t hate you. Your family doesn’t want bad things to happen to you. Your family doesn’t want you to be hurt. Your family would not abandon you in your time of need.

If your family is not against you, then your family is for you.

Thanksgiving thought: If your family is not against you, then your family is for you. Click To Tweet

What a fresh thought! So all of those times their incessant questioning, annoying habits, exaggerated bragging, biting remarks, or passive-aggressive manipulations want to send you to the spiked eggnog for another cup, just remember that ultimately they aren’t against you. And if not, then they are for you.

So smile and enjoy that next cup of eggnog with your loved ones!


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  1. Awesome perspective!

  2. Love it, Sam!! Great post.

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