Not the World’s Best Mom

Whenever I hear someone declare that a particular woman they know and love is the best mom in the world, I have mixed emotions.

I think it’s nice that’s what they feel about her, but it also makes me squirm. It makes me uncomfortable because I immediately think about myself as a mom, and I am wholly inadequate.

I know with certainty I am not the best mom in the world.

I love my two sons so much it makes my heart hurt, and I devote each and every day to them. But I can be cranky, I can be selfish, and I get frustrated and impatient on a regular basis.

I have yelled at a two-year-old, people. He’s not even three feet tall and I’ve raised my voice to him. My four-year-old has the sweetest and purest heart I’ve ever known, and I regularly rush through his bedtime routine and story time, because sometimes, at the end of the day, I just can’t do anything else.

On a daily basis, I have moments of guilt regarding what I feel I am lacking for my kids. But when I feel that way, I try to remember something someone once told me.

It is no accident I am Jackson and Lincoln’s mom. God chose me to be the mother of the person that is Jackson, and the person that is Lincoln.

Everything I need to be a great mother to Jackson and Lincoln is in me. Not the world’s greatest mother, but the mom that Jackson and Lincoln need.


I will never be perfect, but I am equipped. And I will never cease giving them all of all of my heart.


And when all else fails, I take strange comfort in something the character Zeke Braverman said on the beloved TV series, Parenthood.

“Parents screw their kids up, that’s just the way it is, honey. It’s been that way since time immemorial….you’re gonna screw them up, that’s just the nature of it…The only way not to screw them up is to not have them, and what a shame that would be.”

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