Go For It!

Have you ever just decided to go for it? No assurance things will end in the world’s version of success? It wasn’t the perfect timing? You weren’t completely ready? You didn’t have a backup plan? But yet you knew, without a doubt, you had to do it?

I’m in the midst of it. My husband and I followed the urge we felt from God to pursue my writing career. I wrote a book and self-published it this spring.

We didn’t have a nest egg saved up to pay for the publication expenses. We weren’t completely sure how everything worked, but we did our homework. And we aren’t making any money at it. Yet.

And we aren’t making any money at it.

But still I have a peace knowing this is what I am supposed to do, and this is when I am supposed to do it.

The confirmations of this choice—risk, really—haven’t come in the form of dollar signs, but still they’ve come. They’ve come in the words of readers touched by my book. They’ve come in the recognitions of my talent by other authors. They’ve come in new business relationships with my agent and publicist. They’ve come in the stories of acquaintances whom have told me that my leap of faith inspired them to do the same.

We are praying that this will one day become a fruitful career, but for now, we are at perfect peace knowing I followed the dream of my heart. We know not the intended purpose in the big scheme of things, but what we do know that it’s fulfilling and that it’s touching at least one other person’s life. We are willing to fail in the minds of others to be sure we’ve succeeded in the eyes of God.

Philippians 1:6 (World English Bible)

being confident of this very thing,

that he who began a good work in you will complete it

Taking a leap of faith into a new career, an across-country move, an unexpected family change, or any other risk presented before you is always scary. But I think the most exciting things in life always come with a measure of fear.

Sometimes the goal is just too big to overcome. Sometimes it feels like we only have enough faith to take the next small step in front of us, but once we take it, God confirms it by providing faith for the next one.

Go For It

Sometimes we only have enough faith to take the next small step in front of us. Click To Tweet

What life choice is before you? Will you take the next step of faith?

Go for it!

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  1. We just did! Thank you Sam :)

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