Bed Rest

Before I had kids, whenever I heard someone talk about pregnancy bed rest, I always thought, “That sounds AMAZING. I would get to read so many books and catch up on so much TV, and get to lie around all day. Best vacation ever.”

Then, I actually got put on bed rest in both of my pregnancies. Each time was for around 6 weeks, and much of it I was hospitalized.

The reality of bed rest is quite different than the fantasy.

Finally got to read all the classic literature I always wanted to read but never had the chance? Nope. I was quite distracted and couldn’t read for more than a minute until my mind started drifting to the weight of the situation my baby and I were in. Magazines were about all I could focus on.

Finally got to watch all those amazing TV shows I didn’t have time to watch before? Nope. The more outstanding the quality of a show, the more emotional energy I devote to it, and I just didn’t have it in me. Friends reruns and the like it was, then.  So much mindless television.

The whole lying in bed thing? It gets old by day 2. And in my second pregnancy, my bed rest was strict. It was described as 23-hour-a-day bed rest, meaning I could get up to get food, use the restroom and take care of basic hygiene and grooming. I had to lay flat as much as possible, because even raising my head above my heart would cause my blood pressure to skyrocket.

Though you’re not up for heavy reading or heavy TV watching while you’re on bed rest, you still need distractions. And even though you’re not getting dressed up and going out, you still need to take care of yourself.

I had a big box next to my bed to store all of my bed rest goodies, and slowly discovered more and more things that were nice to have within arms reach.

Then my sweet friend Kim came by one day and surprised me with a ginormous basket filled with even more goodies. It meant so much that I decided that whenever I learned of someone going on bed rest in the future, I would do like Kim did for me.

Last year I had the privilege of getting to do it for a friend, and I wanted to share what I gave her, in case you might want to do the same for someone you know someday.

post-Bed Rest-2-25-16-gift

I spent around $100, and included the following:

-hand mirror

-dry shampoo


-body cleansing wipes, face cleansing wipes, surface cleansing wipes



-lip balm

-hair ties

-nail clippers and tweezers

-glitter nail polish

-gum, chocolate, and candy


-puzzle book

-card games

I also threw in thick socks, a long-sleeve maternity shirt, and maternity yoga pants.  Hospitals can be COLD, so long-sleeves are helpful even if it’s summertime.

I put everything in a handled caddy that was hers to keep and use bedside.

I also texted her sister before going over to see what she would want from Starbucks. If the pregnant mom doesn’t have any dietary restrictions, food from the outside world is such a treat.

HOWEVER, if it’s not in the budget to put together a gift basket or bring by food, you can simply come by for a visit! You just stopping by is a gift in itself!

Bed rest can be a very lonely time and even just a few minutes visiting with someone can truly brighten the pregnant mom’s spirit. Your presence is present enough.

post-Bed Rest-2-25-16-meme

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  1. Great post, Brittany!!!

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